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The Company started in 2004 with the acquisition of Rahmania Biscuit & Bread Factory Ltd. Today Romania is the most valued and quality biscuit brand with three fully automated hybrid oven lines in the production fleet. Our product range includes 25 varieties of biscuits including crackers, bakery, snacks and confectionery.

Quality and innovation are Romania’s greatest strength supported by a highly qualified team of professionals. Our quality process starts with the inspection of incoming raw materials and packing materials. We source only the finest quality food ingredients supplied by the renowned companies accredited with ISO 9000. We’re constantly adding new products to our diversified mix for our customers to exceed their quality expectations.

Fruits and Vegetables for healthy life

Tips for the guardians

Citrus fruits
citrus-fruitsPhytochemical inherent in Orange, Lemon and Grapes reduce the risk of cancer and blindness.



Melon and Berries

melon-and-berriesWater Melon, Fruity. Musk Melon- these sorts of juicy fruit helps to control cholesterol in body. Cucumber, squash are some other examples of these sort of foods.



grapesGrapes especially red Grape destroys the harmful blood cells resist heart attack and protect us from carcinogens.



citrus-fruitsCauliflower, different types of Turnip, Water Lily, and Mustard help to resist Cancer, protect DNA and produce antibody.



Turmeric and orange fruits and green vegetables
turmeric-and-orange-fruits-and-green-vegetablesPumpkin, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Dates and Fruity work against cancer, protect artery of hearts from being blocked and save our eyes from blindness.



Tomato and Eggplant
tomato-and-eggplantTomato and Eggplant protect us from carcinogens and produce antibody against it. Tomato protects us from cancer and heart attack.



Ginger, Onion and Garlic
ginger-onion-and-garlicHelp to control cholesterol. These also help to control cancer cell.



Others Fruits and vegetables
others-fruits-and-vegetablesFiber of apple, mango and banana is protective against cancer and cardiac diseases.



Soybean, Soymilk, Dried bean
soybean-soymilk-dried-beanSoybean, Soymilk & Dried bean help to digest food. It also prevents Tumor. Besides these, these can produce blood cell and protect cardiac diseases.



Fresh, Frozen, Dried, Canned and Juiced Food
fresh-frozen-dried-canned-and-juiced-foodFresh, Frozen, Dried, Canned and juiced fruits and vegetables can supply same amount of Vitamins as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pass times with the children, talk to them
pass-times-with-the-children-talk-to-themHowever, it seems very easy but a tough thing to do, to make some time for our children, in our busy life. Even then, allot some times for them and share your point of view with them.



At first, you are his/her guardian
at-first-you-are-his-her-guardianMany guardians want to be the friend of our children. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that, at first, you are his/her guardian. So always, maintain a limit whatever you do.



Role Model
Bring up your child in a way as it acquires your personality. Be a role model for him.


safetyIf you doubt your child is involved in any sort of wrongdoing, ask him. Try to reveal what he or she is doing; because it is you who can provide him/her the best solution. Remember you are to take care your child.



Know your child’s friends
know-your-childs-friendsKnow your child’s friends It is important to know about the company your child keep, with whom he passes his time, do group study, prepare homework etc. If he loves to pass time in friend’s house, make a call to the family of that friend, get introduced with them. It will confer you mental peace.



Communicate with his teachers, observe his attendance
communicationCommunicate with his schoolteachers. Collect information about them. Provide them the necessary information regarding you as the can take care your children and guide them properly about their academic curriculum.



Keep them busy
keep-them-busyMusic, dance, drawing, acting, and school club- whatever it is, keep them busy with. It will keep your child away of the evil things.



Proper communications between parents and children is very important. Let your child feel you are always besides them. Let your child speak frankly, if you are not happy with any behavior of them or if you doubt they are hiding something from you. Cause secrecy is the beginning of all evils.


Sometimes your child may need you badly. He/she may march towards the wrong way if you do not stand besides them in this time. So support your child always by being with them.

* Remember it, you must feed your child at least five fruits and vegetables everyday.
* It should be remembered that it is better to advance step by step towards the change.